Application to watch movies and series: 4 best options!

aplicativo para assistir filmes e séries

Choosing an application to watch movies and series is a task that requires a bit of research to understand which platform is offering thebest value for money currently. Every day the number of brands grows, and customers need to be aware of the most advantageous packages!

The way we consume entertainment has changed a lot in the last decade. Who imagined that we would have access to cinema productions in the palm of our hands? Today we can see anything just with acell phone and a internet connection.

And for those of you who want to take advantage of these services but still haven’t chosen the right streaming service, today we’re going to give you some app options to watch movies and series that are on the rise in the country, describing each one of them and the links to download them to your cell phone!

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Application to watch movies and series

When thinking about an app to watch movies and series, many brands come to mind and several different streams hit the market every year. With so many options, it’s hard to know which is the best one to subscribe to and have quality content available whenever you want.

To help you choose the right platform, below we list 4 application options to watch movies and series, each with its specificity. Read until the end and choose the best streaming to subscribe today and have a world of entertainment on your cell phone:


Netflix is ​​the biggest streaming service in the world and one of the most downloadedin app to watch movies and series. It has many exclusive productions and the biggest names in cinema and super productions, including national and international titles.

If you are looking for a complete platform that shows news every month, this could be your ideal streaming. Just download the app and subscribe to a plan, which has different values ​​and permissions.Click here and see more information

Download:iOS | Android 


Especially for those who like to watch the national series produced by Globo, plus cable and open TV channels, Globoplay streaming is one of the most sought after in Brazil. The platform has many exclusive titles and also international blockbusters to be your app to watch movies and series.

The platform has some free permissions for non-subscribers, releasing programs, soap operas and the Globo channel live. But for those who want to consume the complete catalog, you must choose a subscription plan.Click here and see the variations of Globoplay plans. 

Download:iOS | Android


This app tip for watching movies and series is full of Disney productions, owner of streaming. Unlike Disney+, here the content is more aimed at young and adult audiences, including the transmission of the ESPN sports channel, one of the platform’s main attractions.

But this streaming is not just made of Disney productions, it has a lot of content in movies, series, reality shows and documentaries for users to explore. To access, the customer can opt for packages with different values ​​and advantages.Click here and learn more about subscription plans. 

Download:iOS | Android

Pluto TV 

Pluto TV is a different platform from the streams we are used to seeing. This could be your app to watch movies and seriesPerfect, without having to pay anything for it, because Pluto is completely free and open to anyone who wants to access it. A Paramount development in channel format.

The channels are divided into themes and brands, that is, each channel spends 24 hours on specific programming related to its theme. It can be a cartoon channel, as we see from Naruto, or a movie genre channel, such as comedy movies, drama movies, action movies, among others.

Download:iOS | Android