Best apps to learn to drive wherever you are

Aplicativos para aprender a dirigir

Applications to learn to drive can be very useful for people who are just starting to get behind the wheel and have no sense of direction, let alone knowledge, there are several platforms where you can learn the theoretical part of traffic laws, driving tips how to behave and games to simulate routes.

Aplicativos para aprender a dirigir
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With a cell phone in handyou can conquer the world, or rather your dreamed driver’s license. Applications to learn to drive serve as study material that will support you in the classes you will have to get your CNH, many may find that they do not work, but it depends on your way of learning.

Many apps have tests to prove your knowledge in different situations that can occur in traffic, in schools they have driving simulators to help you so it’s not absurd to use your own cell phone to carry out this type of test and have at least some notion of driving .

Apps to learn to drive

Getting your first license can be a big challenge for people who have never driven or who don’t have that much skill and Apps to learn to drive

are one of the tools available to improve your skills. 

There are many apps that can help you, so we’ve separated a list of those that we believe will best help you. See each of them below and how to download them from your app store.

1- Learn to drive a car

This is one of the Applications to learn to drive that are available, they have easy and simple functionality completely free of charge so that you can learn to drive a car with several tutorials and valuable tips that can help you in your driving tests.

Aplicativos para aprender a dirigir
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in the app you will learn In tutorials on how to drive all types of cars, including automatic ones, you’ll learn a little about the vehicle’s parts, how the clutch works and how to change it and when the change needs to be made so that you don’t get stuck in the same place without knowing what’s going on. what to do. This is an app for those who don’t know anything about driving, if you already know other apps they will be more interesting.

Available in:Android

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2- DMV simulator

The Detran simulator is one of the most used and reliable Apps to learn to drive, in it you can test the knowledge acquired in the 45 hours of class that are available and in addition the simulator has the same functionality as the tests are by the Detran.

Aplicativos para aprender a dirigir
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In total there are 30 questions with multiple choices that are available at random so that you can answer the questions within 40 minutes, exactly like the exam you will have to take to get your license, to pass your approval your score must be 70 %, i.e. 21 questions need to be answered correctly. It is designed so that you can prepare as well as possible for the exam.

Available inAndroid andiOS.

3- Driving school

This is a different app from the ones that have been presented before, it is a simulation game where you need to drive your vehicle to different locations, in addition to driving you can train your goal to be able to park the car. With him you learn to have basic notions that you didn’t have before.

Aplicativos para aprender a dirigir
Reprodução: appstore

In addition to this simulation on the platform, we can access the driving school mode, written tests, everything about road signs that need to be known by heart. This is a more complete application for you to have on your cell phone and make the best possible use of the knowledge that can help you a lot.

available atAndroid andiOS 

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Did you like the tips on Applications to learn to drive?

We hope that the article can help you in choosing Apps to learn to drive, with them in addition to youimprove your knowledge, you will be able to save time and money when taking the exam to get your license.

There are other applications that you can download for free on your cell phone and that can be useful, such as “Driving manual”, “Learn to drive and park” and even “DR Driving”.