Discover 4 apps to watch live football

Futebol ao vivo

Watching live football is a passion that thousands of people have around the world. In this way, it is interesting that there are well-developed applications that help you to follow the matches of your favorite teams.

We know that there are many options to choose from and being faced with this market without having an idea of ​​what to consume is much more common than you might think. Subscribing to multiple streams is not an option for those who want to spend little.

That’s why we’re going to help you choose the apps to watch live football that best suit you. Read the article until the end and enjoy each of the apps mentioned. Come on!

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4 apps to watch live football

Applications are already part of our reality and we should not run away from this technology. After all, these applications are developed with the aim of helping their users to have an easier life. In other words, running away from this technology is running away from comfort.

In this list we are going to talk about technological alternatives foryou watch football Live. In the apps we recommendlinks ofdownload, do not fear, because you will download directly from the application store of your cell phone’s operating system.


A Globeis the main television station in Brazil. Thus, we can already conclude that the broadcaster has a serious commitment to its contents and the quality employed in each of its products, which are several. The station stands out for soap operas, movies, reality shows and mainly for football.

Me andGloboplay is the digital tool for those passionate about Globo’s content. THEstreaming platform works on a traditional model that allows you to track content through an on-demand content catalog. That is, you can watch whenever and wherever you want.

Futebol ao vivo
Reproduction: Globoplay

However, you can watch Globo’s programming for free through Globoplay. Therefore, when the games are being transmitted through Globo, you will have a great tool to watch live football matches on your cell phone,smartTVor whatever you want.

If you liked the alternative to watch football live, take the opportunity to download it to your cell phone. If your phone is Android,click here and download from the Google Play Store. But if you use iPhone,click here and download from the App Store.


THEPremiere it is also one of the alternatives that comes with the Globoplay application. Therefore, the process ofdownload it’s the same. However, you will find interesting advantages since through Premiere you will have a deeper access to everything that involves sports.

Futebol ao vivo
Reproduction: Premiere

I already advance that it is necessary to have a specific subscription for you to have access to the contents of Premiere. However, if you are a big sports fan, it might be a sum worth paying.

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A Star+ is a streaming platform that deserves a lot of praise. Not only because of the company’s position in relation to sports, but also because of the content available in its on-demand content catalogue. After all, we have great series and movies that are available exclusively on the streaming platform.

However, the focus of this article is to recommend platforms for you to watch live football. That way, know that you can be watching football through this platform with great quality and exceptional narration, further improving the experience when watching live football.

Futebol ao vivo
Reproduction: Starplus

In addition to live football, you can also find other sports to entertain yourself. Star+ offers events that includesports like football, basketball (NBA) and American football (NFL). Therefore, it is a platform that will entertain you a lot.

If you liked this alternative to watch live football, take the opportunity to download it to your mobile device. If you are an iPhone user,click here to download Star+ from the App Store. But if you use Android,click here and download from the Google Play Store.


I believe that many will be surprised to find theYouTube in a list of apps to watch live football. However, the truth is that this platform is full of exciting content and the sports content that exists on this platform deserves to be highlighted.

Futebol ao vivo
Reproduction: Youtube

The first you can also watch reruns of the best moments through some YouTube channels. However, what few know is that there are also official broadcasts of live football matches through the video giant.

One example is that you can watch games fromPaulista championship through YouTube just accessing the platform’s official channel. But you can also watch games from other events, including Serie B teams. So I recommend exploring the platform more deeply.

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