Find out which Apps to measure blood pressure can help you in your daily life

Aplicativos para medir pressão arterial

Apps to measure blood pressure are an affordable option for you to be able to monitor your pressure and control it. In Brazil, approximately 25% of the population has this disease and the apps help to improve access to this type of test, which is essential to contain the worsening of blood pressure.

Apps that help us improve health are with their increased popularity, whether to perform fat loss exercises, application for healthier recipes and even a menu to improve health available by doctors who use technology as an important resource in this task.

At first, apps to measure blood pressure may seem strange, but they really work and even help you control your medications, they can be used as an emergency measure while you don’t have a suitable device to perform this exam.

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Apps to measure blood pressure

Many applications do not have sources that have been approved by research, but this test is not completely disposable, as it uses photoelectric components through your device to find out how your heart rate is and stores your latest results in graph form.

Some applications do not measure blood pressure, but it serves as a notebook so you cankeep your information organized in one place, taking down last appointments, medicines, values ​​that pressure usually varies and many others, a tip is to use the following apps with smart watches or smart watches, as they can get a better result.

Blood Pressure Monitor

This is one of the Apps to measure blood pressure that help you keep track of your readings for the last few days, with it you can’t measure your pressure, but it has many control and monitoring tools for free on your cell phone so you don’t have to remember to write it down on paper but directly in the app.

Aplicativos para medir pressão arterial
Reprodução: appstore

By leaving your information on it, you can follow your oscillation in graphs to better understand in which moments of your day your pressure has the biggest difference, if you need to forward it to a doctor, all information can be shared quickly and easily.

Available inAndroid and iOS

Pulse O Matic

One of the Apps to measure blood pressure, which actually allows you to measure your heart rate. Unlike others, this works only on iOS devices and has an amount to be charged to be able to use it, in the app store it is available for $0.99, approximately 6 reais.

Aplicativos para medir pressão arterial
Reprodução: Pulse O Matic

The interesting thing is that it allows you to measure heart rate and show how a hospital monitor is a designer that draws attention. To use it, you have to press one of your fingers on top of the device’s camera, in a few seconds the results are shown and you can save your information so that it staysstored as if it were a token.

Available iniOS

Pulse and blood pressure

pulse and blood pressure is one of the Apps to measure blood pressure that aims to take care of all your health and offer you a stronger and healthier life by taking care of yourself in the best possible way and in an accessible way, in it you can measure your heart rate, write down your physical conditions daily and accomplish goals.

Aplicativos para medir pressão arterial
Reprodução: appstore

The only but of the appis its use only on iOS, but its functionalities need to be taken into account, with the calendar and the information added daily you can follow your improvement and monitor which parts of your day to day need to change so that it is perfect.